Friday, September 23, 2011


My Minifee Chloe is in the country!  She hit the airport late last night...I wasn't expecting her to even ship for another two weeks! ::blink::

But one can scarcely complain about a doll coming early! LOL  This does mean she's going to beat her "last minute" wig home, as I just ordered it from the States last week, and her pink sweater won't be finished, but she's certainly not going to be lacking for clothes, wig, or eye options.  She has a whole shoe box waiting! LOL

I'm pretty excited.  She could be delivered as soon as Monday, though it will most likely be a couple days later.  Customs doesn't seem to work on weekends, and she'll have to go through there first.  I expect they'll toss on a charge as well, but it's hard to predict how much!

We'll see how she does with her current faceup, and if I decide she needs another, I know the faceup artist I want to do it (and a backup) and will see if I can manage either.  I've never sent away a head for a faceup, and would really prefer not to. LOL  I worry too much about packages in the mail.

She's almost here!  I have a bunch of possible names, but as always, there's no point naming a doll till you've got their look all settled.  Sometimes they have entirely different ideas about who they are than you do!

Potential Names:
Tess  (Thérese)

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