Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Things That I'm Excited About!

1.  The bed from Shannon's Little Critters (complete with matching bookcase, straining my budget to the max, but I'm so excited!) is on it's way!  I've been setting aside little things for a bedroom set for quite some time, so this is big encouragement to finish that up!  The bed and bookcase are for the Littlefee, and the old Skipper bed I re-did will move into the possession of the Pukifee, upgrading them from their foamcore beds. LOL

2.  I should have time this weekend to take some pictures and list a couple things on DoA - the money from the sales will go into the fund to purchase LTF Luna faceplates for my Minoruworld Junior Hybrid.  And a couple wigs.  And the faceups.   And eyes.

On the chopping block:  Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Emilie, Puki Body with Ante and Cupid Multiheads (and wigs), an Elf Shiwoo LTF Faceplate (from an event circa 2009) and a Puki Pukisha.

3.  Got a couple items sewed up for the Pukifee Project, and a stack of knitted items needing buttons!

4.  The Experimental Downsized Tiered Jacket pattern is too big for my Littlefee, but I'm pretty sure I can alter another pattern to do it now for that size.  And it seems like it will fit one of my favourite Small People's Les Cheries doll!  She should be pleased!  (The next time the Yarn Budget is replenished, I'm tempted to get the yarn to make a matching people-sized version for her...)

Another picture from the weekend's photshoot:


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