Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saila's Settling In...

So Saila has arrived, been opened, and has tried on all her gear.  I have to say, I'm utterly thrilled with her!


I found her the most appealing of the dolls in the company photos, but in person she is so much prettier.  Look at those eyes!  Her outfit is very well made too.  The jeans are lined, the zipper on the vest works smoothly, there are working pockets... even the non-doll-person in the apartment was pleased with the quality.

Her hair is very nice - smooth, sleek, and with good coverage.  I  played around with her hair a bit and didn't run into any place where the wig cap showed through.  Coming from the land of BJD wigs, this is practically miraculous!  LOL


See?  Her hair braided easily, and I think it looks very realistic. You can also see that I quickly tried a few outfits on her.  The shirt is from an outfit from QTπ Doll Clothing on Etsy, which I quite like.  As I'd read ahead of time, it takes a bit of patience to get American Girl doll pants over the backside of the Maplelea dolls, but it's worth the extra minute!

For the first order, I only got one of Saila's official outfits, though I'd love to have more eventually.


The Katajjaq Giggles outfit is charming.   I really like the dress, which is simple, with just enough detail to be interesting.  Once she was out of her kamiik and into a different pair of shoes, she stands quite well, I found.  I had to try out the ability to "lock" her two hands together which makes for a cute pose.   I really like the shoes that came with this outfit;  I think they should go with just about any dress, and they are an excellent fit.  The silver detail looks like it's embroidered on, which is much nicer than the metal I thought they would be.

These dolls have a reputation for being hard to photograph, but I actually find the opposite with Saila, at least, so far.  Obviously, I have some practice to do, as they are very different from the Fairyland BJDs who are my usual subject, but I really think she is quite photogenic!


Who could resist that little face?  I was really impressed by the coat.  It's fully lined, and honestly it seems like a pretty perfect miniaturization of a real child's coat.


  1. I think Saila is really cute looking and her clothes look great! I had read a review of this particular doll on The Toybox Philosophers blog, do you follow it? She does some really good and thorough reviews, which is why I recently bought my Zwergnase doll, I needed someone to be really honest about them as I'd been looking at them for years. I also like what she's written about the Maru & Friends dolls, so may be getting one of those soon....we shall see!
    Love that photo of her with her hands clasped, so sweet, and that red coat looks great, lovely and warm for your cold Canadian winters!! :)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. I did see that review at The Toybox Philosophers! That was probably the last thing that pushed me to go ahead and get her, along with Nieceling repeatedly going through the catalog the two days a week she stays with me. LOL It was a really thorough review, which I appreciated.

      I love the Maru and Friends dolls...I think Diana Effner sculpts are brilliant, and the review was really positive! I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures if you get one.... :D

  2. Saila is next on my list too! LOVE that last pic of her. The Toy Box Philosopher is costing me lots of money. :)

    1. Thanks, that picture was my favourite! :D You'll love Saila!

      The Toy Box Philosopher blog is a very dangerous place to visit...LOL I'm trying not to look at Maru and Friends... ;)

  3. Katajjaq Giggles was the outfit I bought when I ordered Saila.I love your photos, you do so much better than I at photographing. I keep her on my dining room table so she can supervise my sewing and knitting. I have a Les Cheries and a Hearts for Hearts doll as her sisters. In the book she has two but I didn't use the same names as the ones in the journal.

    1. The Katajjaq Giggles outfit is great, isn't it! I think it is my favourite of Saila's outfits.

      Thanks for the kind words on the photography... I love photographing dolls; it's much more restful that photographing humans! Dolls are so much more cooperative. LOL

      Oh, nieceling would love to have Saila's two younger sisters... Those two doll lines seem like the perfect size. :D