Sunday, March 29, 2015

Winter, we are done with you!

Winter has been hanging on and on around here.  We get a couple spring-like days, and then we're back to snow.   It's been good from a flooding perspective, as the Spring Melt has been more gradual than usual....but we are universally fed up with the grey and cold!  LOL

I've been battling the greyness with colour:

Queen street jacket in peogress for Emily...  I am all about colour right now as winter is outstaying its welcome! LOL

Playing with lettering...

Watercolour even I can manage... Going to try this with Nieceling sometime too

Faux calligraphy...

Here's a couple links for you:
1)  Antique Lilac has been doing a lovely series on doll photography that is worth checking out!
2)  The Postmans' Knock has a 2-part set of tutorials for various handlettering styles. (Pt 1,  Pt 2)

We've got some sunshine out there today, and we're up around 0 degrees, so me?  I'm going to drop everything and head outside for a walk.  :D

Because Spring is sort-of, eventually, really-truly, just-around-the-corner!  :D


  1. OK Trying again. THe first comment flew into cyberspace.
    I hope that spring is with you to stay now as it is here. Today I actually saw some people in the sea when I was coming back from the supermarket, brave souls as I bet the water was very chilly!!! It's beautifully sunny here though so that's the main thing. Looks like you've been having a bit of a arty time and with good results :)
    hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Oh, sunshine and swimming!!! I can't wait for that weather to get here! There's always someone who can't quite wait for the water to warm up, isn't there... LOL is snowing again this morning. But at least it will likely melt again this afternoon! :)