Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Contest!

So, the Patterns for Littlefee group is meant to be a one-stop place for patterns and tutorials you can use to make things for Littlefee.  We're doing good with pictures (and wow, are some of the people in the group talented!), and I've kept up reasonably with posting links to new patterns and tutorials, but in one aspect there hasn't been much participation.

That's in reviewing the patterns.  Most of the reviews are from me, which is about as far from a balanced  perspective as you can get! LOL  I know that one pattern I gave a good review to with a warning about the skills needed and that it had been a stretch for me, was an absolute nightmare for someone else!


So to encourage more reviews of the patterns and tutorials, I'm having a contest for the month of October!  All that is needed to enter is to leave pattern reviews - November 1st, I'll count up the reviews and the person who left the most reviews will be contacted and the prize sent to them.

If you like to make things for Littlefee and use any sort of publicly available pattern or tutorial, come leave a review!  :D

If there's no interest, or very little interest, I'll just give up on the idea of that section being used that way and focus on the parts that people are using.

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