Thursday, January 19, 2012

Patience must be somebody else's virtue....

I don't think I've ever had a purchase take such a convoluted route home before...  Canada Post had a "routing error", so my LTF Bonnie made a side trip, but she is out for deliver today!  That means I will either have her tonight or will be picking her up from the post office tomorrow after work. :D

I finished up one of her in-progress sweaters last night, though it still needs to be blocked and have snaps sewn on.  It was another version of Wovenflame's Top Down Raglan pattern, with the neckline altered.

I've been gazing longingly at this pattern for a tiered coat  for a while now.  I'd really love to make it in Littlefee size, but I fear Math would be involved.  Perhaps I will try an actual size version for a certain small person I know!  Either way, it should wait till I'm finished with the Dollswest Designs Smocked Cable Jacket (Pattern #163).  It's very slow going, but I just love the way the cables look!

I made a jumper (sewn) from a My Own Little World pattern on the weekend, but didn't have time to put it together with a shirt and take pictures.  Once I take some pictures (hopefully this weekend), I will add my pattern review to the group.  I did like the pattern, but I wouldn't bother with the pockets if I make it again, as they aren't positioned right for the doll to pose naturally.  Next time I'd add two patch pockets, which would be terribly cute!

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