Thursday, January 26, 2012

There needs to be more time in the day!


I got my snaps in the mail last night, which is lovely, as I have a couple items that have been just waiting on their arrival!  Including Abbie's sweater, at left.

(That sweater is still one of my favourite things I've ever made... LOL)

I finished the hood of the pukifee sweater, and hope to get the body done tonight.  I was kind of hoping to get the three done by the end of the weekend, but between family commitments and having to do some work from home, I don't think there will be time! I'll finish up this one and start Samara's hat and scarf, I think.   I've found some pink heart buttons that I think match her new jacket pretty good!

I have a couple new free patterns I wanted to try out as well:

Melancholywings's "Ringer" t-shirt (known around here as a "baseball shirt".

I also want to try Antique Lilac's Simple BID Dress pattern as well.  BIDs are about a cm taller than Littlefee, and wider around, I believe, but it's a simple loose dress that I think will either fit or fit with only minor adjustment (like printing at 90-95%)  It's cute, looks easy, and once I know how it fits Littlefee I can add it to the group! :)

We got a bit of disturbing news the other day.  There's a seller on Etsy who may be using the free patterns people have generously provided (and clearly marked "for personal use only") to make things to sell.  I'm hoping there's another explanation - It's a nasty thing to do to someone who was kind enough to share their pattern! :(

And truthfully, probably wouldn't be easy to get stopped.

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