Monday, July 30, 2012

Progress on a WIP...

So I've been working away (sporadically) on the Smocked Cabled Jacket from Dollswest Designs since December.  *grin*  If I stopped taking breaks (weeks at a time) it would have gone faster, but a fair bit of my knitting needs to be a little less concentration-intensive than this one.


This looks like it's quite near finished, but there's actually a few steps left. I really love how this looks, though, and the pattern is very maybe soon?


I love the look of the cables on this, and although you can't tell from this picture as it is being blocked, they really do have a mild gathering effect! I really like the shape of the sweater.

In theory, this sweater is to go to Emily, but it may go to the Minoruworld/LTF Hybrid instead, as I think the sleeves may be a bit long for Emily. We'll see which of them it fits better, in the end! :)


  1. Oh wow. I can't wait to see it finished. It looks amazing just in pieces! I never learned to knit (not successfully, anyway) so I think you're super awesome because you can! Go you!

  2. Thanks! I really love this pattern. :D

    (I can knit...but my crochet is barely good enough to be recognizable as such.... LOL)