Friday, October 12, 2012

Iplehouse Lonnie Ordered!

Iplehouse KID Lonnie, Realskin, mobility joint, and faceup C on a girl body is heading my way!  :D

Iplehouse KID Lonnie FaceupCI'll be honest, I think I could happily own all three versions of Lonnie - they are all three absolutely wonderful -  but in the end I went with this combination because I think she will make an adorable girl.   I think her name may be Nora, but you never know till a doll arrives.  (Sometimes they are sneaky, and turn out to be somebody else entirely!)

I LOVE the clothes they have for the kids an insane amount and would love to have about six of the outfits, but a budget is a budget, so she is coming with a pair of pants, and the rest is up to me to make!  I already have a couple of mostly knit sweaters, and she should be able to borrow bits and bobs from both Emily and Claire, as well.

Plus! I think I can make outfits on similar lines with a bit of patience, when she arrives.

Only 50 - 60 business days to wait!

 (This picture is not mine; this is a stock photo from Iplehouse.)

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