Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Early Morning...

Claire's body arrived home a little after 8pm yesterday.  LOL  I'd forgotten how tall she is with a body!

This morning, she's rushing around trying to wrap a few last presents (and finish off a knitted toy, oh dear!):



Edith, of course, is "helping."  Scissors and wrapping paper, tape, and yarn and thread....it all looks pretty interesting to her!

It's snow flurries as far as the eye can see this morning, but at least we seem to be ice-free now!


  1. Welcome back, Claire, you were missed! And you look fabulous...
    -- now back to work as all others with small children must do on this day :)

    1. No rest for the child-minders today! LOL I'm so glad to have her back. :)

    2. I'm terribly amused by the top picture - when I took it this morning, I was focused on trying to capture the pretty lights...now that I look at it, it sort of looks like the record player is on fire!!

  2. Awww I'm so glad to see that Claires body arrived and she's all back together again now! I love these photos, you make your dolls come so much to life! I love Edith and so glad to see that she's being so errm helpful?!!!
    Happy Christmas to all of you! xxxx

    1. Thank you! I am getting used to Claire all over again... she's so tall with a body! LOL

      Cats are just "helpful" by nature, and Edith is no exception!
      Hope your Christmas went well! :D