Monday, December 23, 2013

Passing the time on December 23rd...

They have come up with a plan, and are looking for a specific record, with one particular song:

What To Do On Dec 23rd -Pt 1 of 6

Emily carefully starts the record:

What To Do On Dec 23rd -Pt 2 of 6

The cheerful tune of "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" is heard. Just what they were waiting for!

What To Do On Dec 23rd -Pt 3 of 6

What To Do On Dec 23rd -Pt 4 of 6

What To Do On Dec 23rd -Pt 5 of 6

What To Do On Dec 23rd -Pt 6 of 6

LOL Few things are more amusing than Little Kid Dancing!

 I wanted to add two more pictures onto the end of this, but sadly Claire's body is still not here. It might arrive tonight though! :D


  1. Oh this is absolutely brilliant! I love it. Those little kids all dancing to their Christmas record....just perfect!
    Lets hope Claires body arrives, the waiting whilst the package is in transit, is definitely the worse bit!

    1. I've been saving that record player for these pictures... It's just the cutest thing! :D

      Claire's body arrived just a little bit ago, which makes a lovely Christmas present!

  2. I love these shots! Every time I see your diorama with all your dolls in it, I always feel inspired to try and do my own but I never seem to get the time!

    It's strange to think you guys are still on the 23rd over there when it's the 24th here and in about 4 hours, it'll officially be Christmas day here.

    1. Thanks! I admit to being lazy and designating a card table for the diorama, so that I don't have to take it down every time, just when I'm switching out the "rooms". Have you seen some of the scenes for 18 inch dolls? They look like they'd be the right size range for MSD and fold right down. :)

      You are quite a bit ahead of us! It is early morning on the 24th here now! Merry Christmas to you!