Monday, August 18, 2014

An exercise in patience...

Got my yarn!  It's exactly the colour I wanted, and as I knit up a swatch, very nice to work with.  But then found that not only the pattern I intended to use with this yarn, but everything I want to work on for Nieceling's birthday requires my 3.25mm needles.

...which have vanished.  I have the little plastic envelope they came in - I store them in these to help keep them organized.  But this one?  Is empty.

How I can lose circular needles with a purple cord, when I'm very careful to only knit in two places of my home (to prevent just such occurrences! LOL) is a mystery.   I guess it is natural talent!  ;)

So I started another  shirt from the same pattern as the Rainbow Tunics I'd made for Nieceling's birthday.  It's fun, it's simple, and best of all - I have both the yarn and the needles required!  I'm doing the shorter version, with stripes.  I'll set it aside once the new 3.25mm needles get here, so I can finish Nieceling's birthday presents.

I'd really like to try to adapt this pattern to make one in laceweight for Emily sometime.  I have a fingering weight pattern I made for myself that I could adapt really easily, but I think I'd rather have the drape of laceweight if I made this for her, I think.  Which means starting from scratch!


  1. LOL you are not the first person I've read of this week who's lost their particular sized knitting needles! There must be an epidemic! Or perhaps this last week has been a special fiesta for the knitting needle nickers, (try saying that when you're drunk!) who are tiny people like The Borrowers, who break into homes and steal knitting needles.....there you go, that's the answer!!!! ;)
    Hugs from Sharon, who in this heat obviously seems to be losing her marbles!!!!

    1. I'm glad it's not only me then... I guarantee I will find those needles shortly after the new ones get here! LOL

      Hm....those knitting needle knickers...small, inside homes...maybe I should be looking at the BJDs as the culprits! All the knitting projects for them do go on hold in the summer...LOL