Tuesday, August 19, 2014

High Country Hiking Set

The High Country Hiking set is a big hit!   I love how versatile it is - the pants roll up to be capris, the hat changes from a sunhat to a rainhat....


I really like the t-shirt too, but my favourite parts of this set are the backpack and shoes!


The backpack can hold a lot!  But its major charm for me is all the teeny-tiny buckles and straps.  LOL  Seriously, it seems like it has all the fasteners of a full-size backpack!

The shoes are similarly realistic:


If it doesn't rain, Nieceling and I have plans to take Saila out for a short hike Wednesday and Thursday evening.  She says Saila can carry our snacks for us in her backpack!  ;)


  1. Oh wow that really is a great outfit, those shoes are perfect! I wonder if the outfits would fit anyone here!!!!!
    I just love it when you find something that is in miniature but made exactly the same way as the big things are, it's just brilliant!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. I tried it on the Journey Girl doll, who is slimmer, and found that the clothes and backpack fit her fine, but the shoes were a bit big on her. So it would probably fit someone out your way! :D

      Miniature but just like the full-size thing is exactly the way to put it! I love things like that, and the smaller the better.... LOL