Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An Ode To Canada Post, In Contrast...

So Saila arrived last week, and is awesome!  She was shipped via Canada Post, and arrived quickly and perfect condition. :)


I got one knitted birthday present completed, and another one started....but the next project is in jeopardy, as the yarn is swiftly becoming Schrödinger's Yarn.  :(

For the first time ever, I've had a problem with a Knitpicks order.  The tracking number I was given shows they sent the package via UPS (always a bad sign...use Canada Post, people!), and it claims they tried to deliver my order on Friday.

...I was working from home that day.  There was no knock at the apartment door, there was no phone call to my fully charged cell phone sitting on my desk next to me as I worked (apartment buzzer goes to my phone), and there was and is no card with a pickup location.  There was clearly no attempt to deliver it.

I went to the nearest UPS "Access Point" to see if they had the package last night, but they said they don't have it and have no way of tracking it - according to them I needed to go back to Knitpicks.  *sigh*  Knitpicks says that UPS has it.  The UPS phone person says that the location I went to yesterday does have my package!

And this is why I love Canada Post.  They are awesome!  They actually deliver packages, and if you are really not there?  They leave you a card (so you know they were there!) with the address and hours of the conveniently nearby post office to collect it at. ;)


  1. Welcome to Saila your new doll ! She looks wonderful on your photos and her outfit is really nice. Best regards, Stéphanie.