Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nunavut Now!

I love the Nunavut Now outfit for Saila.  It fits well, and everything seems to be finished very thoroughly.  I like that the separate pieces will mix well with the rest of her wardrobe, too! Both the long-sleeved grey shirt and matching leggings will be used a lot, I think.


The only thing I noticed was that the buttons were very out of scale on her cardigan, but that is obviously to make it easier for kids to manage the cardigan.  Right now, they are too stiff for Nieceling to manage, but with use they should get easier.  Also, she's under the target age group for the dolls, so fair enough!

I love teal on Saila.  I'm not that big a fan of purple, to be honest, but the teal...lovely..


Saila is clearly a doll person. ;)

This little Mooshka doll, plus one of my old childhood dolls, plus a second-hand American Girl Mini Doll now make up her doll collection, along with a miniature My Little Pony that was always a little too big to be to-scale for the BJDs and a couple knitted animals.  I figure that is probably enough for her, as it didn't sound like Saila's home was very big, and the expense of shipping would be a serious consideration.

Because I always like to make up a backstory for everything to do with the dolls, Nieceling and I are saying that the Nellie doll is a gift from Saila's older sister Ceporah.  Ceporah, according to Saila's book, is in Ottawa attending Nunavut Sivuniksavut.   We've decided one of her classmates was parting with some old dolls, and remembered Ceporah  saying she had younger sisters.


Ceporah sent Nellie and Ruthie, and Saila picked Nellie and Ruthie went to her younger sister Meeka*.  (Malaya, the youngest, is too young, Nieceling says, with great sympathy!  LOL)  Saila read both books, and decided she loved Nellie the best.

* The Ruthie doll actually went to Nieceling, who was enchanted with the idea of a doll for her doll.  ;)  Thank goodness for Kijiji!


  1. Awwww you're having so much fun with your little nieceling and Saila! I need a niece too....or perhaps a grandaughter would be nice! LOL.
    I thought about getting one of the little AG minis, and might well do one of these days, so that one of my bigger dolls can have a doll of her own. I thought maybe of giving her one of my tiny LYs or perhaps an Elfdoll...but I think my Tanya (Maru & Friends) might be a bit too young yet for her own BJD!!!! ;)
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Oh, I think an Elfdoll would make a great doll for your Tanya! Perhaps she can only hold it with your supervision for pictures. ;)

      Nieces and Granddaughters are great things! (And of course Nephews and Grandsons, they just don't tend to be as into dolls... LOL)

  2. Lovely story of this doll who is "clearly a doll person" !! This doll takes really life with your photos ! Best regards from France, Stéphanie

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Stéphanie! I love trying to get pictures where the dolls look like they are living their own little lives... :)