Thursday, August 28, 2014

Combining Knitting and Television

I like to knit in the evenings.  Other people in my home like to watch TV.  Often, this works out very well!

A nice simple pattern combined with a not-too-stressful show = great way to spend the evening.

Complicated pattern...well, then I don't get much out of the show, generally.  Too busy counting!

Simple pattern plus really exciting show?  Well, then I make all sorts of astonishing errors that should be impossible after all these years of knitting.  LOL

Last night I was working on a "must count stitches" pattern while finishing Merlin Season 3 and starting Season 4.

It is a miracle I got a workable bodice out of it! (And aw, man, Lancelot?  I liked him... *sigh*  And can we please just get rid of Morgana now that they've totally ruined her character?) One of the sleeves is a stitch less wide than the other, in the end, but luckily for me, it looks fine on the doll.  It's this pretty dress here, which is probably the last thing I will be knitting for Nieceling's birthday this year, as I'm about out of time.

I'm hoping we have nice weather for this long weekend, so that I might take both Emily and Saila out for some pictures.  Poor Emily has been quite neglected this summer, between work, small visitors, and my obsession with making doll clothes as part of Nieceling's September Birthday presents.


  1. Hi, that's a very pretty dress you're knitting :-). I always have to hit the "pause" button when I watch a DVD and knit at the same time, because I make terrible mistakes otherwise. So it's knit - watch - knit etc. :-) Greetings from ex-Nymphaea (the doll barn)

    1. Thanks! I just love the pattern. :D

      See, that is the smart way to do it, rather than trying to multi-task! LOL

  2. Oh, I like the vintage look of that dress. Will you have a chance to take a pic before it needs to be wrapped?

    I've been knitting for over 30 years and I can't remember the last time I made something Mary Poppins Perfect in Every Way. I've usually fudged and increase or managed to twist a stitch here and there. Wabi sabi -- I strive for the Japanese 'perfect', :)

    As for TV and knitting, same here. DH is on a mystery kick (Morse, Lewis, Endeavour) and I'm on a micro kick (0000 and cobweb) so it's an interesting combination. I'm okay if the main suspects are easily identifiable by their voices but if it's two blokes from the same part of town, I can't tell them apart by ear. I'm always asking '... but wasn't he the guy in the car??' ... 'I thought she was in the house that night..??' DH is patient but he does sometimes sigh and tell me I need to look up a bit more or quit asking questions right at the reveal. :)

    1. Wabi sabi is a good goal. One of the reasons I love making things for Nieceling is that she never sees any mistakes anyway. LOL Though I suppose that will change as she gets older.

      Ouch, cobweb weight? When I get into the laceweight stuff, I miss pretty much the whole show. ^_^

      The repeatedly saying "But wait, wasn't..." sounds very familiar to me! It's good your husband doesn't mind re-capping for you. :D

  3. I had to laugh, you can actually do BOTH these things at once???? If I try to knit anything, NO-ONE can watch the TV, well they can watch it, but hearing it is another thing.....I have to say out loud to myself what I'm doing, so it's all: knit one, purl one, slip one, etc etc etc and I drive my hubby nuts!!!! So it's best for everyone if I knit when I'm on my own....I can concentrate on what I should be doing and everyone else doesn't have to listen to me!!!
    Big hugs Sharon xx

    1. LOL You are very considerate! I sometimes say what I'm doing aloud too, if I'm in a tricky part...I just sit there muttering it under my breath... LOL