Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Has Definitely Set In!

It's just plain cold out there today.  Which works, because I finished Version 2 of the Marigold hat yesterday, and was able to wear it today. :D

Nieceling was here this weekend, and had plenty of adventures with Saila, though we had no time to photograph any of them.  (This happens a lot around small children... LOL)   Saila watched cartoons, tap-danced, slid down the railing, helped with the laundry, pushed elevator buttons, helped Nieceling go through the Wish Book, and had several wardrobe changes.

Her hair was practically standing on end when Nieceling went home, but you know what, a quick light brush and it was hanging as smooth and shiny as before.  Now that's good quality doll hair!

Some Random Things You Might Enjoy

Have you seen these little poseable skeleton figures that are out now?  Zorropirate  was kind enough to direct me to the Amiami site, where you can pre-order them.  Can you say Perfect Christmas Present for my nephews??!  Seriously, they will get such a kick out of these.

Eve Studio Project has their dragon available in two sizes, now, and it is awesome!  I won't be getting one, but I'm hoping lots of other people will so I can admire it.  (The Internet is so great for this - I don't have to own 95% of the things I think are awesome. I can just look at other people's pictures of them!)

If you haven't seen Sharon's transformation of Kidz n Cats Grace, I suggest you go admire it. Sian is now such a perfect little character!

Craftsy has some new entries to their free Mini-Classes, if you're looking to learn a new skill! I've tried a few of the free ones and found them very interesting. :)

The Trixie Belden series is available as ebooks.  I have a budget of one ebook purchase per month, and nothing scheduled for November or December.  I just re-read the six I own from childhood (two inherited from some older relative), so I'm thinking I might need to try a couple of these that the public library didn't have when I was a kid! :)

(I loved these books so much that my eight-year-old self insisted on naming our dog Trixie.  LOL)


  1. Thanks for a very intersting post, I particularly like the link to those posable skeletons and wonder, am I right in thinking that they are only 490 yen which is less than $5 or is that just wishful thinking? Because I know my sons fiance would love these as she's really into bones, having done her Masters in I think it was paleantology (spelt wrong I'm sure!!) If so I'd be really tempted to order a couple as stocking fillers!!!
    Thank you too for the link to my makeover of Grace, that's really sweet of you!
    I'm glad you had a great time with your neiceling and that she enjoyed playing with Saila, it really does prove that the doll is a 'play' doll, doesn't it!!!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Yup, that's what the currency exchange told me too! The biggest expense is the shipping. I'm told the request to pay comes when they are ready to ship. I bet your son's fiance will love them! :D

  2. Glad to hear the Version 2 hat turned out!

    The skeleton figures look pretty cool. I love that site but have never ordered from them before.

    And don't know if you will remember but those Trixie Belden covers, they remind me a little of the Sweet Valley High books. I was a romantic teen growing up!

    1. I'd never seen the amiami site before, so it was pretty neat looking at all the stuff they have. :)

      I didn't read the Sweet Valley High books, but I remember them being very popular! And there were a lot of them too, which must have been great. :D

  3. Thanks for sharing those links - those skeletons are hilarious and the dragon is brilliant!

    1. Aren't they funny? I'm going to have a hard time not opening them and playing with them myself when they arrrive. Must remember they are Christmas presents! ;)