Saturday, April 2, 2016

On the List!

Or as spell-check auto-corrected, it, I'm on the "Lost!

When I got up Friday morning the first thing I did was send an email to Spampy to be added to her list.  Of course, that was at 4am EST, so it will probably be a few months before she gets to me, as she opened for orders at midnight!

That's okay though, it gives me lots of time to carefully think about the best items to pick for the Realfee.  ;)

I mean, if I had endless funds, they'd each get ten outfits.  Since I don't, I need to pick very carefully.  I spent a little time playing around on their Pinterest boards earlier...

I definitely need a pair of jeans, jean shorts, and overalls.  Kipling and Cairo can share those between them,  and the character of the outfit can come from their shirts and socks!  LOL  And then a couple outfits and of course they need pajamas!

I've knit quite a few things for Hope, but haven't sewed on the snaps yet (I know, I'm always saying that... I really hate that part!  LOL).  I'd still like to grab a couple sewn things for her from Spampy.

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