Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kipling is all set for the day

Taking advantage of a spare hour this morning, here's Kipling trying on some clothes:


She's wearing a hat I knit her some time ago from Wovenflame's Pukifee patterns.

The top is a "Lori" top.

It appears her wardrobe is sadly lacking in skirts, so since I was not feeling ambitious enough to sew her one, I altered a Pukifee skirt to fit.  The difference in waist-size is significant enough that an unaltered elastic waist won't fit.  I tried on a littlefee skirt too, but it was just too much fabric!

The stockings are a pair of Blythe stockings left over from when I had my Blythe doll years ago.  I had to cut off the feet, but otherwise they fit okay!

The shoes are also from that long ago Blythe doll, and they just barely fit Kipling (without the laces)

I think she has her own very unique sense of style... LOL


  1. I LOVE her style! It's perfect for her, she is obviously settling in well with her new body, and she looks just great!

    1. Thanks! I'm having fun figuring out what suits her. :D

  2. Oh I absolutely adore her styling here. The colours are just really wonderful and those socks and shoes are adorable on her. I love rainbow coloured anything really!

    Still in awe of your knitting skills! People who knit make such fine delicate things for their dolls. Wish I could get my head around how to do it! But am still struggling with a lot of the techniques and terms.

    1. Kipling is fun, because she looks good in just about any colours! :)

      I learned to knit from books when I was a kid. I could make squares, rectangles, and eventually triangles. All of which were completely crooked and odd looking.... LOL My current level of more-success-than-failures is just the result of a lot of practice. ;)

  3. She is so adorable! I love her style ;)
    It's very unique and colorful :D

    1. Thanks very much for the kind words! (And my apologies for the delay in responding!)