Friday, January 29, 2016

Hope Has Opinions

Poor Hope.  I have been working so slowly on finishing off her shawl, that she requested a couple Blythe outfits to wear while I worked on it.

The first one came this week from FoxyBrowny:


I like this outfit on her quite a bit. The pretty white dress combined with the little coat in just the perfect shades of muted blue!  On a Blythe doll, this is tunic length;  as you can see, it is closer to ankle-length on Hope.  But other than that, it does fit her quite well!

I have today off, so she kindly posed for me a for a couple pictures.  She agreed to wear her wig for them, but I'm not sure she doesn't prefer to be bald!


She is proving to be excellent company when I am working on other projects.  She has firm opinions about which colours I should use!


She seems to be a bit of a trouble-maker, though.... the moment I turned my back, she was adding things to my "to do" list for the day!   ;)



  1. She's just too cute!

    With those downward sloping ears, she really has the expression of a person of strong opinions, doesn't she?

    1. She definitely does. Very polite, but strong, opinions... LOL I'm really enjoying her; Fairyland did a great job with the Realfee. :)

  2. Awwww she's just so sweet looking! I love the outfit, it's just perfect on her, she looks Mori-style in it.
    My favourite photo is where she's leaning on the pens looking down at you, that is soooo cute and realistic too :)

    1. It didn't take me long to cave when I saw that outfit. LOL It looked like it could have come right out of the pinterest board I had for her!

      Thanks, that is my favourite picture too! :D

  3. Wow, that's really neat that she can wear Blythe clothing. Does this mean you own some Blythes as well?

    I love FoxyBrowny clothing. I am waiting on a set of Blythe clothing myself for my Pullip girls.

    Hope is just so adorable. I really like how the outfit looks on her. She looks so cute even blank and I just noticed her hands. I really love the sculpting on those. And yes, the little ones seem to always end up being the trouble makers don't they? All that cuteness they have just hides their penchant for trouble!

    1. Sadly, no Blythes here. I did have one for a while, but was frustrated with the posing. FoxyBrowny makes absolutely marvelous items!

      You are right, the more innocent they look, the more likely they are up to something! LOL