Wednesday, August 24, 2016

State of the Dolls

I have always had a distressing tendency to rotate through hobbies like I have commitment issues.  I cross-stitched everything that came in to reach for a year, then did no cross-stitching for 4 years.  Then I was devoted for two and a half years and haven't touched cross-stitching in at least eight years.

There is a real possibility that I may suddenly begin cross-stitching everything again either next week or twenty years from now.  LOL

The dolls just haven't been getting the time and attention they used to.  Part of it is that we've had a lot of big projects and overtime at work that leave me with less time, and to be honest, a lot less energy.  Part of it, I think, is that after all this time, I've really made everything the dolls could need!  And part of it is just my natural hobby-rotation... I'm not as interested in sewing or knitting right now.  I've been drawing and trying to learn Spanish in my limited free time instead.

But I love my dolls!

I truly cannot part with most of them. What I really want is to be able to enjoy them  more, rather than just taking pictures four or five times a year.

But I could part with a lot of their wardrobe, and a lot of the props.  I think having less for them will allow me to enjoy them more, and will give me more incentive to make them things!

So I think I've made a few decisions:

1.  Flake is to be sold. She's charming!  But having both her and Hope feels redundant. I know that there is someone out there who would adore having Flake and her pink wardrobe come to stay with them.

2. I'm only keeping the props for the "main room" set.  That means that Emily's bedroom, and the truly awesome furniture I purchased for the Pukifee nursery, will all go.  Extra stuff from the "Craft Room" setup will be heading out.  And a lot of the "little" props that go with those rooms.  

3.  I'm going to be doing a couple giveaways, to send off a bunch of clothing in Pukifee and Littlefee size.  That clothing might as well go to someone who will use it frequently, and Emily, Kipling, Cairo, and Samara will have wardrobes that only contain my very favourite of their outfits.  I'll likely do it through Flickr, and it will be done in 1-3 Lots, to reduce the costs of shipping.

4.  I won't be purchasing any new dolls in the near future.  The only doll-related spending I may do is to find an alternate faceup artist who favours very natural faceups (preferably in Canada) to do Hope's faceup.

I hate the thought of parting with anything, but I love the thought of the extra space I will have, and how much easier it will be to find what I want for the dolls.    I suspect this is one of those cases where, once I have less, I will be able to enjoy what I do have more., once they no longer have giant wardrobes, I am much more likely to be motivated to make them something new! ;)


  1. I think that is an excellent way of looking at things -- we just purged my daughter's room and suddenly what's left is particularly awesome to her right now. Less very often IS more.

    I think it's a normal part of saturation too. Acquisition is fun, it's a high, but it gets overwhelming when there are others at home that need attention. We start to feel guilty, that's less fun.

    I also know exactly that pattern of craft obsessiveness. I haven't spun in two years but I just may start at anytime, I'm not feeling the urge to sew or knit but suddenly donabe cooking and mid century pottery collecting are so very absorbing. I personally think it keeps us interesting ;)

    1. Craft obsessiveness is a good phrase for it; I am glad I am not the only one!

      I definitely think taking things back to basics will make a big difference. I just have to get organized to actually take action now!

    2. I find I have to 'ponder' a big clean out first and make peace with letting go of things that don't add up. This usually takes about the same amount of time I need to schedule it into my life. By the time I start physically handling things, I'm ready, out it goes! If it takes you a bit to get started, think of it as mental preparation. :)

    3. That is a good way to look at it! I find if I can just get started, I get through it very's just a matter of convincing myself to "start!" LOL

  2. I really get where you're coming from with hobby rotation. This is something I find I do too. I absolutely love doing lots of different things and I tend to get so focused on something. Doesn't mean I love my dolls any less.

    Sometimes clearing out what you don't need is exactly what you need. I hope the change will motivate you more with your dolls. It is hard to find the energy when you are working all the time. The free time you do get you just want to spend chillin' out!