Saturday, August 6, 2016

There is impressed, and then there is how I feel about this Spampy order!

Got my Spampy order this week, and I am beyond thrilled.  I got my basics for Kipling and Cairo, and they are all perfect, as usual.  I also gave her a picture of a skirt and a top for Kipling, and she did a really stunning job translating them into doll-size.


Kipling had to try out her outfit

I love it!

But my favourite part of the order are the items for Hope.  I didn't ask for anything specific, because having tried making some items for her myself, I know exactly how hard it is to get material of the right scale and drape. Instead I just sent her a link to my Pinterest board for Hope's wardrobe.

She sent me this:

I LOVE all three pieces! Individually and combined!


Perfect fit on that Pinterest board!  I don't know how she is this talented!  The lace on the dress is as soft as the material, and has a great drape to it. :)

A very well dressed assistant...

Hope is still a most excellent helper. She's just a really well dressed one now... :)

This is my favourite!

I love all three items, but the vest is my very favourite, I think!  I love the colour, and it is just so charming layered over the dress. :)


  1. Wow, such gorgeous pieces of clothing and your girl looks absolutely lovely in these.

    1. Thanks! Spampy orders are always worth the wait. :D

  2. Oh that's so lovely -- and so are your photos!
    Good to see your crew again....

    1. Thank you! The poor things have been rather neglected, with how busy work has been. It was fun to have them out and photograph them again. :D

  3. Lovely outfits, the girls do look very well turned out :)
    And it's nice to see you blogging again :)
    Hugs x

    1. I think they are pleased with themselves. ;)

      Thanks! I am hoping work will slow down around October and I will have more time for the dolls again. :)

  4. Love that layered outfit - and your photos of it! :)

    1. Thanks! I am really thrilled with it. :D