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I get asked quite frequently about needles, yarn, and patterns for doll-sized knitting, so I thought I'd put the information here for easy access.

What yarn should you use?

This is pretty subjective, but here this is what I use.

I use fingering weight yarn for outfits that would translate to a bulky weight wool in human sizes.  For example, a coat or very warm sweater.

I usually use Knitpicks Palette, because that is the least expensive option for me.  As a bonus, they have a wonderful variety of colours!  Their other varieties of yarn in this weight are excellent as well.  Also, sometimes I can find some self-striping yarn at the craft store on sale.

If you live somewhere with a good yarn store accessible, you may have a good range of choice there. :)

I usually use needles between 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm in size, both circular and double-pointed, for fingering weight yarn.

I use laceweight yarn for outfits that would translate to regular worsted weight wool in human sizes. So indoor sweaters or dresses, mostly.

I love Knitpicks Laceweight yarns, as there is nothing this thin available to me locally.  The bonus is that the amount of yarn you get will last a really long time (so do pick a colour you'd like to use for multiple outfits!)

I have, however, ocassionally also taken two strands of embroidery floss.  This works best for something really small, like a Realpuki dress or top.

For lacewieght yarn, I use circular and double-pointed needles between 0.75 mm an 1.5 mm.

Where can I find knitting needles this small?

You can usually find sets labelled  something like "Sock knitting needles" which will contain double-pointed needles on the larger end of this size range at your local craft store. If you can find them colour coded, all the better!

I also use:
1) The Sunstruck circulars from Knitpicks for the larger sizes.
2) Double-pointed needles from HiyaHiya (as well as their circulars)
3)  Double-pointed needes from BagLady (these are nice as they come with their own storage tube, and go to very small sizes)

Any other notions I ought to have?

Most needle gauges don't go below 2mm.  This is severely annoying when you are dealing with double-pointed needles in tiny sizes!   I have the "Needle Gauge Pendent - Sock and Lace", and am constantly using it.  It's great!

Other than that, there's nothing special you need for doll-sized knitting that you wouldn't have for regular knitting.

Knitting Patterns

This page is a work in progress!  I'll be adding some links here as I get time.
Wovenflame's patterns on Ravelry.
DollsWest Designs
 Becky Colvin's Knitting Patterns

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