The Residents of The Forest Hills Orphanage


My dolls all live within a specific storyline.  The all live at Forest Hills, which is an orphanage for magical and magically inclined children. 

It's run by siblings Claire and Sebastian.  They were orphaned at a young age, and raised by a welll-off, but clueless uncle.  Not only was he not used to children, he was unaware of the magical society that exists alongside our own.  It made for a very lonely childhood for them, and inspired Claire to start Forest Hills.  

Our Residents

Emily  (Fairyland Littlefee Ante)

Quiet and imaginative, Emily is currently the oldest of the children. She loves to read, and is a peaceful, co-operative sort.

Flake (Fairyland RealPuki SoSo)

During a rough winter, one small Pixie wound up taking shelter inside. Emily was the first to find her and named her Flake. Since Flake doesn't actually talk, we're assuming by the size of her grin that she likes the name.

By the time summer arrived, she seemed disinclined to move back outside!

Kipling (Fairyland Pukifee Ante)
Kipling is a fan!

Kipling's the middle-child of the Pukifee. She's stubborn to a fault, but generous, friendly, and cheerful. She has a tendency to wander off and go exploring, and if it is possible to climb something, she has done so!

The Pukifee are elvish pre-schoolers, so they are a little smaller than human children their age would be, and are easily identified by their pointed ears.

Cairo(Fairyland Pukifee Zoe)
Cairo's Turn!

Cairo's the eldest of the Pukifee and is best known for her bossiness, which sometimes backfires on her. She's organized and likes routine. She and Kipling can get in some impressive arguments, but she's quick to forgive and forget. :)

She's a serious crusader for environmental causes, at least to the best of her current understanding!

Samara  (Fairyland Pukifee Bonnie - Sweet Bunny Faceup)

Samara's the baby of the Pukifee, and doesn't have much to say. She tends to go along with the other two, but is equally happy playing on her own somewhere quiet.

Somehow most people end up giving her whatever she wants, so it's a good thing she's got a sensible streak or she'd be quite spoiled!

Sebastian  (Fairyland MiniFee Ruth)

Sebastian was talked into opening the orphanage by his sister, Claire. Initially dubious about the idea, he's become fond of the small residents, and is the most likely to be successfully conned into providing new toys and sweets. His main responsibilities are book-keeping and maintenance of the refurbished factory that serves as their home.

Sebastian is no longer physically here, but remains a character.  You'll still hear about him, but won't see him in pictures going forward.

Claire (Fairyland Minifee Chloe)

Claire is the true founder of the orphanage, and manages them all quite successfully. Not only does she keep everyone busy and organized, she enjoys sewing and knitting for her charges using donated or reclaimed materials.

She's very cunning and focused on doing what is best for the residents, as well as enjoying matchmaking for her brother (Sebastian does not appreciate this!)

Edith  (BJD Pets Cat - Oriental, 5cm)
Edith Goes Exploring 4

Claire will claim that she decided to get a cat so that the children could experience having a pet, and learn the responsibility for caring for it.  In actual fact, Claire decided on a cat because she loves them, and fell in love with Edith in particular at the Humane Society.

Edith likes the children (who adore her), but she considers herself to be Claire's cat.

Temporary Residents:
There have been a few others who've come and stayed for a while, before moving on to new homes:  Spark, Abbie, and Nora in particular.  Sebastian was able to find them new families, where they are very happy!