Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mail Call!

I love getting mail...truthfully, it doesn't even matter what it is...I even like getting flyers!  LOL  But it is especially good when the mail contains dolly stuff!

I had ordered a couple My Own Little World patterns a few weeks ago, and Canada Post deigned to give them to me on Thursday.  They look quite straightforward and cute, but what I really love is the multiple sizes.  I can use both patterns for my RealPuki, Puki, Pukifee, Lati Yellow SP, and Littlefee!  I have this vision of them all lined up in dresses from the same pattern, though I will try the patterns for Emily first.

The cardigan for my MNF Chloe is moving along at a decent clip, especially considering I had almost no knitting time between Thrusday and Monday!  I really like the pattern so far, and can't wait to finish it.  The second item that came in the mail was one of the potential wigs for Chloe...LeekeWorld is FAST!

The wig I had in mind when I ordered her is out of stock, unfortunately, so I am wandering around poking at places that might have a lovely brown mohair wig, which would be even better as I can style it all sorts of ways. It seems BlushedRoses is no longer in business, which is too bad as I really loved his/her wigs!

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