Friday, October 14, 2011

Emily and the Ken Outfit

IMG_3262Yesterday I was wasting some time at the mall, waiting to pick up my new glasses, and found a Ken outfit on sale for $3!  It had a pink long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and I thought for that price, I'd pick it up for Emily!

I actually really like the way it looks on her!  The sleeves are a bit long, but nothing noticeable, and the shirt otherwise fits great!  I love the fit of the jeans around the waist and the legs, width-wise, but they ARE quite a bit too long.  It would be easy enough to hem them, but I think I actually like the way they look.  It's too dark out in the mornings now to try to get a picture, but I'll get one and add it tonight or over the weekend. (Picture added!)

I think she looks adorable, and hey, $3!!   The shoes, glasses, and little pouch/wallet thing that came with the set will be handed off to my niece for use with her dolls. ;)

...Unless the shoes would actually fit, which I didn't try at that case they'd stay! LOL


  1. That outfit is so cute on Emily, I didn't realise the Ken outfits fit the Little Fees! I have a few being worn by my Volks Yosds so I should have known!

  2. Thanks! It is big (mostly the pant legs length), but I rather like it that way! :)