Monday, November 21, 2011

I had a plan! ...Now I have a new plan!

I had a plan.  I've been saving up for a Chibi Unoa with faceplates, and was due to have enough to order at the end of February.

Then Denver Doll Emporium did this:

Low blow, DDE! a Littlefee Bonnie.  *grin*  I just could not resist!  The good news is that she's half the price of the other doll, and I have wigs, eyes, and enough clothes her size to give four dolls a good wardrobe already home, so there's a good chance I may not need to buy a single thing!

And, of course, because the order has been placed now, she should be home by the end of February, I think!

The bad news is that the Chibi Unoa has now been pushed out to 2013.  Ah well, I have often been tempted to get Emily a playmate, and I adore my Pukifee Bonnie, Samara.  I'm quite ridiculously excited about this incoming arrival already...names, which colour of wig, which colour of eyes, which of Emily's outfits she'll purloin....all sorts of fun things to contemplate!  I really am looking forward to photographing them together. 

Perhaps the sweater I'm currently working on will be hers... it will all depend on her character!

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