Thursday, November 20, 2014

All's Quiet On The November Front


1.  We've got a good amount of snow here right now, which makes me happy, but not the people who have to drive in it!  :)  I love how a good blanket of snow mutes all the noise of a city, and there's nothing more peaceful than walking along a snowy road with big, fluffy, snowflakes drifting lazily down.

(To be fair, it's much less charming when the wind is roaring away, sending all that snow seemingly directly into your face....LOL)

2.  I've been largely working on Christmas presents the past couple months.  I don't usually make handmade stuff for Christmas, as I like to keep my Christmases stress-free.  However, this year I'm in a Hat phase, so everyone is getting a hat.  I'm on the last one now, for Nephew The Younger.

3.  Of the doll items, I did finish a cute little doll blanket for an as-yet-not-introduced doll.  The pattern for the blanket was this one, and it was excellent.  I used black, white, and two shades of grey, and it turned out just the way I wanted. :D  Definitely a sign of a good pattern!


4.  My sister was visiting, along with Nieceling, this weekend and of course Nieceling brought out Saila and asked her mother to read Saila's journal to her.  There are a lot of Inuit names, particularly placenames in the first few pages.  When I read them, I go with my best-guess pronunciation based on some Internet research, but my sister decided to avoid the problem altogether.  Thus Saila's story sounded hilariously like this:

My name is Saila "something."  I live "someplace".   We used to live "someplace else."  I speak English and "another language."  I go to "a school."

Nieceling was outraged,  and kept saying "Mommy, that's not right, it's *insert word that sounds sort of like what I say when I read it*!"  She knows the story pretty much by heart now.  :)

Some entertaining links:

1.  Eve Studio has a truly adorable baby dragon, with faceplates for different expressions.  It is hilariously cute.

2.  Spampy of Spampy's Stuff has a facebook page/community that is actually quite active, if you are on Facebook.  I mostly just read posts, as I don't much like Facebook for interacting with other humans.  ;)

3.  From the Behind the Plastic Flickr group....Whoa.  This is amazing work!


  1. Glad to see you're still around as you've been incredibly quiet, now I see've been incredibly busy to match!!
    Look forward to hearing about the new doll who's yet to be introduced. I loved hearing your nieceling's response to her mum reading the Saila book to her, hilarious! There's obviously no pulling the wool over that little one's eyes! ;)
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      Kids are funny; they can't remember to brush their teeth, but deviate by one word of a favourite story....LOL

  2. I was wondering where you had gone to. I am really having snow envy at the moment. Our weather here has been so insanely hot and humid.

    I love making Christmas presents for people. It has that really lovely personal touch. My problem is more to do with time and motivation. There just isn't enough of it! But it sounds like you had the right idea by starting early!

    Hubby would totally love that stormtrooper from that Behind the Plastic link. That's one of things I wish I had time to do, play around with making those sorts of dioramas. They are super cool. I think hubby might have done that a few years back when he was really into warhammer table top games.

    It does sound like you've been busy though!

    1. LOL I think most people here are already dreaming of hot and humid, and winter's only begun here!

      Yeah, I don't usually do the handmade presents for Christmas - I find there is not usually enough time to get things done! I did more of them when I had less family members... LOL But this year hats looked feasible, and I started in September. ;)

      I am so impressed with some of the dioramas they make on that group. The level of detail is pretty impressive! Maybe your husband has some old pictures to contribute to the group! :D