Sunday, January 25, 2015

Little bit of progress?

That whole "making time to do the things I love" resolution is harder to keep than you'd think.  LOL  But Thursday night I cast on a pattern I'd wanted to try:

Work in progress...

This is the Rainbow variation of Kristin Maw's "House Sweater for Littlefee" pattern. It's actually done now, and being blocked.  It didn't take very long, even with me making a couple minor errors along the way (peril of working on something in the evening).

Yesterday I finished off the bricks for the back wall of Parker's attic, and today I gave it the first coat of paint.  I'm not too sure if I like it yet, but we'll see what it looks like after the next coat, which should add more depth.  I figure if I don't like it when it's done, I'll give it a "whitewashed" look with the white paint!

First coat of paint!

I do love the texture of the bricks - the egg carton does a great job of mimicking real bricks from that point of view!

The pictures are courtesy of my brand-new second-hand iPod Touch.  LOL That is, new to me!  I've been using my old iPod Nano for the, must be about 12 years?  It was back in that day when all an MP3 Player did was play music.  I'm having a lot of fun playing with this fancy new version!  I don't have a "smart phone", but the iPod Touch seems to do pretty much everything but phone calls. ^_^


  1. I hope you show us a pic of the knitting finished. :)

    Don't you just love egg cartons, so much you can do with them. They also make terrific crazy paving.

    1. This is the first time I've tried the egg cartons, and they really work out well! I'm tempted to try making an outdoor scene somewhere down the line, with a brick wall and a sidewalk. LOL

      You can just barely see the finished sweater blocking in the background of the second picture - Once I get the buttons and snaps on it, Emily will definitely be modelling it for some pictures! :)

  2. Everything is looking great. I do love the texture of those bricks.

    Still in awe of those who knit. I still do not have the patience for it. I barely have the patience for crochet work these days...

    Time does seem to get away from us doesn't it? I am supposed to be having a ton of free time now but don't know where it all goes.

    Ooooh iPod Touch sounds interesting, especially the part about everything but phone calls. I have my smart phone on silent pretty much 24/7. I rarely answer it. I have it in case my car breaks down! Plus I am more likely to answer an email than a phone call.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad I found that tutorial for the egg carton bricks!

      LOL I know what you mean about the phone! I have an old not-smart phone, and I almost never use it for phone calls, just texting family members!

  3. That rainbow part of the cardigan looks great, I look forward to seeing it on her.
    And also well done on the bricks, they look very effective....I never thought of using egg boxes but that would make complete sense now you mention it :)
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thanks! I hadn't thought of the egg carton as brick material either, till I saw the tutorial. Someone was very clever to come up with it! :D

      Just have to sort through my buttons and see if I have the right colours in the right size for the cardigan. I ought to, as I find tiny buttons nearly irresistible! LOL