Sunday, November 29, 2015

Nursery In Progress

Kipling and Cairo, just so you know, really object to their room being called "the nursery" anymore.  LOL  Claire has cleared out their room, and they have all moved into Emily's room while she works on theirs.

Sebastian was able to get a friend of his to make some bunk beds, and Claire is painting up an old crib for Samara.  But the part they were most excited about was the news that they were getting a wardrobe!

The second it arrived and they got the okay to check it out, all three ran into the room:

If you give a Pukifee a wardrobe.. 1/3

But Kipling had some bad news to break to the others:

If you give a Pukifee a wardrobe.. 2/3

There is no doorway to Narnia in there.

If you give a Pukifee a wardrobe.. 3/3

Cairo had to double-check, just in case Kipling missed it.

No Narnia.

Just a closet.

Claire is going to have some serious explaining to do!  (And suddenly their previous excitement about the new closet will make SO much more sense to her.... LOL)


  1. Oh how sad, what a disappointment for the girls that there is no doorway at the back of the wardrobe into Narnia. All that excitement gone to waste! ;) Hopefully though, they'll realise that it's nice to still have somewhere to hang their clothes, even if it doesn't take them off on adventures in a snowy wonderland!
    Lovely wardrobe by the way!
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    1. It's a barbie-size wardrobe from Etsy - I thought it would suit the nursery just fine. :)

      I'm sure they will recover from the disappointment eventually!

  2. I always love your room sets, they are always so detailed. And who didn't look into their wardrobe for the entry to Narnia?

    1. Thanks! It seems like something that should at least be checked!LOL

  3. Edith had to check too, I see...
    I'm excited to see the new room too. That wardrobe looks perfect even though two of them are about to grow 'up'!

    1. Edith refuses to be left out of anything! LOL Tje wardrobe is for 12 inch dolls, so ouht to still work with their additiinal height. :)

  4. That dresser is SO cute, as are the girls. I simply adore your crew! <3
    Question: Did you ever finish that diorama you were creating for the Mio (I forgot if she had a name, sorry)?

    1. Thanks! I finished thr floor, but have to re-do the brick wall, as it went badly at the grouting stage! I am hoping to have time to re-do the wall over Christmas!