Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve Day is one of Claire's favourite, and most dreaded, days of the year.  Everyone is so excited, and having so much fun!

Christmas Eve Day 1/7

But keeping them busy all day is no small feat!  Kipling is leaving a trail of toys behind her as she moves from one activity to the next....

Christmas Eve Day 2/7

Cairo is happy with the usually forbidden treat of Cheesies, some paper, scissors, and glue. But oh, what a mess! LOL

Christmas Eve Day 3/7

Edith is...perhaps not the best role model.... ;)

  Christmas Eve Day 4/7

Samara is perfectly happy and cooperative today though, and not making a mess at all.  No, all she wants is for Clarie to read her a story.

And then another story....

And also this other story....

Christmas Eve Day 5/7

Emily has the dollhouse out, and she can play for hours with that!  It is just that she is a bit excited about going skating this afternoon, and not very good at telling time just yet.  So she has to, occasionally, ask Claire how much longer....

Christmas Eve Day 6/7

Flake has "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" on the record player.  To be honest, I think she just likes the wahoo-dooray song, since she has been playing it all morning!

Christmas Eve Day 7/7

But let's be honest, who is going to look at that happy little face and complain? LOL

I hope you are all having an equally joyfully chaotic (or peaceful, if that's your preference) Christmas Eve Day.  :)  Just one more sleep!

ETA, 2:38:  The tracking on the Fairyland package says "Out for Delivery."  The temptation to sit down in the lobby of my apartment building and watch for the mail truck.....  LOL


  1. Hope you have a great Christmas Day! I think it's Christmas over there today right?

    Gorgeous photos of everyone. I love seeing your dolls in their doll sets.

    1. It was so much fun to have them all out again! I really have to make time to photograph them more often. :) I had an excellent Christmas, thanks! I hope you did too?